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Annie was born in Sarawak, Malaysia, where she enjoyed her studies in the arts, eventually earning a music diploma in piano. She initially moved to Singapore for a corporate position, but soon after heeded the Lord’s calling to be a missionary. She spent the next 14 years sowing into the missions field all around the Asia.

2017 was the beginning of Annie’s foray into art. She decided to settle in Singapore again, taking up a kindergarten teaching role. This happened to be the time when she was filled with a prayerful desire for the spiritual gift of prophecy. She prayed for this empowerment out of her love to strengthen, encourage and comfort others. Little did she know that her prayer would soon be answered through her young students.

Annie was teaching the children a Math Art class, during which it taught her to use oil pastels and acrylic paints. It gave her much joy to see her children paint with little hands but with a big heart. Her emotional experience in the classroom led to a renewed passion for art, and she started experimenting through her own personal art therapy after work. Not only did she discover her own style, she also realized her gift of painting prophetic art.

In 2018, through divine provision, Annie was able to start an arts ministry in her church, where she used art to pray for and speak into people’s lives. Many lives were transformed, touched and restored through her ministry.

Annie feels a deep sense of gratitude for this divine blessing and wholly devotes herself to the honing of her craft. She hopes to share the blessings of her art out of the great overflow of joy it gives her.

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