When Days are Cold #2

When Days are Cold #2

Lai Ze Ze
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watercolour on paper

28cm x38cm

"Winter is a season I love. Although I don’t like the feeling of the freezing cold, the image that winter brings is one of wonder, full of beauty. 

The arrival of winter brings forth transitions in the scene of nature, as it goes from blossoming flowers in the summer, dried branches and red leaves in autumn, and finally to a blanketed white that fills and covers everything. To me, this reflects part of God’s creation, not only do seasons point to renewal and change, it also points to certainty of his providence. The winter season is often associated with blues, coldness, sadness, but it is also one of joy and festivity as we celebrate the birth of Christ. 

The juxtaposition of both the chilling coldness of the environment, and the warmness in our hearts further adds to my love of winter." - Lai Ze Ze