[SOLD] On The Lookout
[SOLD] On The Lookout

[SOLD] On The Lookout

Erica Wee
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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

91 X 122 cm


When COVID-19 started enveloping various corners of the world, chaos, panic and fear ensued. From newspaper reports, to well-meaning advice from friends, information was everywhere, accurate or otherwise. Who can we believe? Who can we rely on?

Just like how groomsmen and bridesmaids wait in anticipation for the wedding, we fix our souls on better days to come that will last forever.

Like a Leopard on the lookout, the Artist is reminded to set her mind on things above, on our sure and secure Hope.


This work is part of Sound of Art COVID-19 Fundraiser, where 100% of proceeds go to charity.