[SOLD] Breakthrough
[SOLD] Breakthrough

[SOLD] Breakthrough

Erica Wee
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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

91 X 122 cm

“Through you we push back our enemies, Through Your name we trample our foes.”
~Hebrew Verse

No matter how overwhelming our situations can be, no matter how depressing reality seems, our Hope is tough and robust. Providence comes charging down from above and all terror perishes as dust under His feet.

While troubles crumble under the fearsome destruction of Provenance, our bruised hearts He will not break. This masterpiece juxtaposes the ferociousness and gentleness of the Divine. With Providence on our side, we will be able to heal, triumph and breakthrough.

This work is part of Sound of Art COVID-19 Fundraiser, where 100% of proceeds go to charity. 

Note: This artwork had a minor defect in the corner which has since been repaired and is unnoticeable to the eye. Current condition is as good as new. Please email us at galven@soundof.art if you would like to see more photos.