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Ruan Tianchao, was born in Luoyuan County, Fujian Province, China in 1962. He is currently a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, director of the Fujian Calligraphers Association, and a deputy director of the Fujian Patriotic Armed Forces Calligraphy and Painting Academy.

Since 1985, he has won awards in major calligraphy exhibitions throughout the country, and featured in dozens of magazines, and newspapers. He has been awarded the third-class merit in the People's Liberation Army six times, with additional recognition of his contributions as an arts educator to the army.

Ruan's calligraphy has four body styles, but his specialty lies in seal script. As poetically described by Chinese critics - his brushstrokes "stretch like the mountains and move with the ebb and flow of rivers, possessing the strength yet delicacy of iron wrapped in soft cotton."

Most notable achievements:

Gold Prize - "Fujian Spirit" Couplet Calligraphy Competition

First Prize - 100th anniversary of Mao Zedong Calligraphy Competition

National Award - National Book Exhibition

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  • Psalm 1 - Ruan Tian Chao
    Psalm 1 - Ruan Tian Chao
    Ruan Tian Chao
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