[SOLD] This Is My Song
[SOLD] This Is My Song
[SOLD] This Is My Song

[SOLD] This Is My Song

Jacintha Pillay
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Acrylic on Canvas

76 X 102 cm


This piece is a melody of colours and textures exploding in rich, lively shades of red, orange and pink, inspired by the divine love poem the Song of Solomon. It expresses a heart on fire for Jesus that pushes our thoughts out of anxious darkness and puts them into an outpouring of open adoration. Conversely, we experience the passion and longing of our heavenly Bridegroom for us. Let the Lord’s eternal song of love be sung over you, as He will never leave you nor forsake you.

This work is part of Sound of Art COVID-19 Fundraiser, where 100% of proceeds go to charity.