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Born in Zhangzhou, China in 1942, Chen Jia Lin started practicing calligraphy at a very young age. A respected and renowned calligraphy master with decades of experience; he has enjoyed a long and lustrous career, winning countless awards and national competitions. He was an important featured artist at the "Silk Road" Global Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, where he presented an 18 meter-long calligraphy scroll of the Diamond Sutra.

Chen is a member of the Chinese Painters and Calligraphers Association, and serves as the chairman of Longwen District Caring Committee for the Next Generation of Artists in Zhangzhou City. Besides being respected for his craft, he is also well-loved for his heart for the people. Passionate about contributing back to society, Chen regularly teaches free calligraphy classes for youth, and organizes annual summer vacation calligraphy camps for students. He has thousands of books in his home that he loans out at no charge, in addition to donating many of his artworks to charity.

Most notable achievements:

500 Chinese Masters of Calligraphy Worldwide

70th Anniversary of the United Nations - Chinese Master Calligraphers Exhibition in New York
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  • Psalm 1 - Chen Jia Lin
    Psalm 1 - Chen Jia Lin
    Chen Jia Lin
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