On A Mission - Double Harvest

On A Mission - Double Harvest

Annie Teng
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Mixed Media on Canvas
76.2 X 102 cm


We are made for a higher purpose. Each of us has an assignment that only we can fulfill, represented by the ship. This assignment can only be accomplished in partnership with the Divine, and it yields a double harvest.

We harvest from what we put our hands to work on and also from the overflowing blessings in our backyards. These harvests are about people, our loved ones and they are for eternity.

The two nets are our Divine resources. With double resources, we are called to let down our nets to catch our double portion of blessings.

Against the waves and the tides, we persevere, knowing that our labour is never in vain, but will accumulate a rich reward. Our mission will indeed be fruitful with help from Above.