Our Founding Story

Sound of Art is a family project kickstarted by a 'chance' encounter between our chairman, Georgie Lee, and his art teacher, Steve Teo, from St Andrews School in the early 1960s. Our family of five is inspired by art that brings meaning to the soul. We passionately believe that every home can be enriched by art that speaks. 


Georgie Lee's Passionate Story

A familiar voice from the past rang across from another table near where I was sitting during dinner at the Chinese restaurant at Singapore Swimming Club at Tanjong Rhu one night in the year 2005. Instinctively, I knew it could be my former school art teacher, Steve Teo Chin Chye, as he had an unmistakable unusual and distinctive voice. When I turned around to look in the direction of where it came from, truly it was him from first glance though age had caught up with him. We renewed our acquaintance and exchanged telephone contacts. Not long after we contacted each other and met again.

Steve Teo taught me art at St Andrew's School when we were in Secondary 1 and 2 in 1962 and 1963. I was never good in art but somehow we connected. I even attended a barbeque together with some classmates hosted by him once at his home which was located almost next to the school. He was then known only by his Chinese name.

When we met with him again together with my wife, Evelyn, we mentioned to him that we were looking to purchase art pieces for our newly renovated home and needed his recommendations on artists. Surprisingly, he turned around and exclaimed, "Why don't I paint for you?" We thought for a moment and shared with him our thoughts on the purpose and type of paintings we were looking for. We then spelled out the following criteria:

The paintings must catch the eyes of our guests when they visit our home and become a conversation piece
The paintings must be Biblical themed
When guests gaze at the paintings, they must sense the presence of God and receive a spiritual experience
They must hear from God, receive a revelation, message or word

Steve said he will take up the challenge and will revert with a proposal. We then invited him to an Alpha weekend among old classmates at Changi Village. He had then backslidden from his Christian faith but the Holy Spirit weekend set him spiritually alive again. We did not hear from him for a few months.

Unbeknownst to us, he secluded himself at a beach house in Bali, Indonesia, and with the help of a bishop friend of his, read and studied the Bible from cover to cover. Having received a download from God, he reverted to us and shared that God showed him a series of three paintings to be named 'Trilogy.' The first was on creation and God's promise to Noah. The second was on the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. The third was on the end times from the book of Revelation. We then commissioned him to do the paintings which he completed after a few months.

The paintings today adorn the walls of our visitor room. Our guests are often struck with curiosity when they see the paintings. It was an opportunity to share with them the gospel - the entire message of the Bible and Jesus from beginning to the end, encapsulated in Steve's paintings.

This episode gave us the inspiration to launch the Sound of Art. Art is visual. But why sound? Beyond the visual, you will hear God speaks through our art. The well known song, 'Sound of Silence' epitomises what's happening in today's world - the inability of people to communicate with one another. The Sound of Art brings God's voice of hope and love to people.

Let your walls speak! Bringing life back to the living room. - your living room can truly be a living again.


A reflection by Founder and Art Patron Georgie Lee