Ivy Yong: Perspectives from an art collector

We sit down with Ivy Yong, a passionate art collector, to discuss her journey of collecting art. Ivy also shares with us which masterpiece from our COVID-19 Fundraiser she is eyeing

Ivy’s journey of collecting art began in Hong Kong almost 20 years ago when she was working there. Arriving in a foreign land and moving into her small rented apartment in the middle of the city, she felt the need to create a sense of belonging in her living environment. One of the first things she bought was a colourful painting of a seaside scene from a Wanchai street gallery, and she proceeded to decorate her apartment around it. With that one addition, her Hong Kong flat immediately felt more like home, and she also began to make regular jaunts to the galleries there and learning more about collecting art.

When Ivy returned to Singapore in 2006 and finally had her own space, she began to build a collection over time. She and her husband Yiow, continued to develop their interest in art collection, and have supported numerous artists locally and internationally.

Buying Art

For Ivy, buying art goes beyond how the art piece imbues her home with a personal meaning. She considers the story behind each artist’s work to appreciate the richness of the artist’s expression and meaning into each art piece. For her, only art that truly resonates with her soul and creates a feeling of connection will do.

"For me, the primary value of good art is that it draws you into a state of meditation, sometimes again and again as you look at the paintings over time."

"The pieces included in the Fundraiser collection, as well as many pieces in the wider Sound of Art collection, are borne out of meditation on profound truths by the artists. The artists invite us to enter into deep meditation with them about life, and what’s precious about it, through their art."

Art transcends enriching her personal meditation to enriching her relationships. She has made many new friendships and deepened existing ones through art. When hosting guests like colleagues and family members, art is part of welcoming people into her personal life, and it also inspires deeper conversations during gatherings.

Ivy's Favourite Masterpiece

To get a glimpse into how Ivy chooses her art, we presented her with the masterpieces [or just “selected art pieces”?] from our COVID Fundraiser for her appraisal. Our COVID Fundraiser consists of masterpieces from artists including Glacy Soh, Jacintha Pillay, Jennifer Tan and Erica Wee.

Each artist chose a charity that is serving marginalised communities and frontliners in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. All proceeds from the sale of paintings go directly to their charity of choice.

Ivy finds all the art pieces to be well executed and thoughtfully crafted, and is especially drawn to “Consider the Sunrise” by Glacy Soh because it reminds her of God's mercies every morning.

“Consider the Sunrise” speaks to me during this period. I have been waking up early during this period. Working from home means I do not need to rush out of the door for my commute. There is time to consider new mercies every morning, and there are indeed many when we pause to think about them. If you look at this painting, there is a tree with full foliage and one that is sparse, but both depend on sunlight. Like the bird that announces the soft morn with its chirping, we can look forward to hope during this season, because as long as the sun rises, which it does every day by God’s mercy, we can look forward to life bearing green."

Why Support Our COVID Fundraiser

For Ivy, this art sale is a special way to contribute to fellow Singaporeans struggling through this season. Moreover, you get to express affirmation for artists and bless your home with meaningful art.

"I know for a fact that there are many people who want to give at this time - they just want to find a good avenue to do so."

"This fundraiser is great since you get to support two good causes at the same time - aid for the vulnerable in society and affirmation artists. Plus you get to keep something beautiful and meaningful too!"

Sound of Art is very blessed to have this divine opportunity to be a blessing to many others in this season. Support Singapore charities in our COVID Fundraiser in the link here.